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Hi, let me introduce myself. I am Melissa, Brooke's bonus mom. Brooke was five when she entered my world on February 8, 2005, Mardi Gras day to be exact. It would be one of the best days of my life. I had no idea that I would be meeting her or his sister, Megan, that particular day. I was attending the Mardi Gras day festivities with my children and family when Brooke's dad, Ernest, called and said they would be meeting us at the parade in five minutes. He gave me five minutes to prepare for meeting his two little ones! Needless to say, I was shocked, nervous and excited! 

After introductions, the first thing Brooke asked was "Where's Lauryn". Lauryn is my youngest daughter. They are only 2 months apart in age, Brooke being the "older" one. That day they became best friends and sisters. My bopsy twins.

Our blended family is large with 4 girls and 1 boy; Lauren, Megan, Brooke, Lauryn and Justin.

Towards the end of the 2017 swim season at SYC, Elizabeth came to me with the idea of a swim-a-thon. She and Coach Bret had talked about the idea of hosting one in Brooke's honor. The swim-a-thon has been a wonderful event for everyone to come together and celebrate Brooke and her love for children. Working on the swim-a-thon and trying to make it bigger and better every year has been just one way for me to show my love for Brooke. Thank you for visiting our blog. Please come back and visit often. Much Love, Melissa

Lauryn and Brooke, Mardi Gras Day, 2005
Lauryn and Brooke, Mardi Gras Day, 2005